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Rebranding for @chakanawines The Chakana represents that everything is fulfilled according to a continuity, that is why it symbolizes the relationship with the whole: it is a "ladder" that keeps man united with the cosmos. The Chakana also represents the four dimensions necessary for community life: spiritual, social, political and economic.

The world appeared composed of three planes:

* Hanan Pacha or the celestial world above (gods such as the sun, the moon, lightning, the stars, the rainbow)
* Kay Pacha or the world here and present (men, animals and plants)
* Uku Pacha or the world below (dead, unborn and diseases). Each of these kanchas is symbolically represented by the condor, the puma and the snake.


back part

Legal part of the wine, where it has what ingredients and where it was made.



Label made with hot stamping, to give it a finer touch, like wine and cosmic, as is the religion of the worldview.

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