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We seek to reconnect young people with the virtues that “bushido” seeks to transmit. We want them to be connected to the present, which is why we will use their senses to keep them in contact with their reality. It is also a process of introspection for the person who enters so that “Asia inside” is a journey inside each person, crossed by oriental culture. Free yourself from prejudices, try new things.
Work done with Julia Calabreses, Gochi Decillia and Estefania Borello.



The name of the brand refers to a play on words, where: “Asia” (toponymic) represents the different oriental cultures found in the neighborhood, and “inside” (descriptive) symbolizes the introspective journey that the user must take.


These posters would be distributed throughout Chinatown, where they invite you to introspect through oriental culture.






The idea is that everyone can write a message for another person or for themselves during the tour or afterward. They will come in an envelope with the characteristic color of each stop.

Stop 1; Compassion

Inside the box, for the first stop, the user will be given some pencils in the shape of “sticks”, so that they can write during their experience on the tour.

Stop 2; Courage

Inside the box you will also find this small package with a paper fortune cookie inside where you will find a phrase of encouragement to take courage and roll down the hill.

Stop 3; I respect

Also inside the box, this rotating piece will help the user learn a little more about the culture. The turning situation allows us to play with the outside and the inside.

Stop 4; Honesty

Inside the box there is also this piece with an inside-out game, which allows you to discover a code that will allow the user to access the tea ceremony.

Stop 5; Justice

When you reach the fifth stop, you will find a food place where a typical meal will be offered, with meat and vegetarian options.

Stop 6; Loyalty

Once the experience inside the temple has been completed, the user will be given this piece that allows them to “dig” inside to discover something pleasant. The QR inside carries a playlist with the sounds of the temple.

Stop 7; Honor

To complete the journey and close the experiences, the user is offered to find all the words that a warrior has to go through to reach his inner journey.


The map shows the route with locations and pictograms for each stop.

Complete tour

These are all the pieces that we had to make for the subject graphic design 3, about the Chinatown of Belgrano.



Signage with tea ceremony pictogram.



Our landmark will be in the Plaza de Barrancas.



Signage, map tells you where all the stops are.



Indicates where the stops are.



Information about the stop that indicates being.

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